Still Afraid of Rug Pull in DeFi? Not Anymore! KICKPAD Kicked them into oblivion

Problem: Rug Pull

The 2017/2018 ICO craze saw thousands of copycat projects made away millions of US Dollars investor’s money without delivering any product. with the arrival of Decentralized Finance (DeFi), and Decentralized Exchanges like Uniswap, the bad actors have abused the features of DEX and explored investors by prematurely removing liquidity from the exchange pool leaving thousands of investors holding tokens that are worth nothing.

According to over $100 Million lost to ICO scammers

In addition to the problem of Rug Pulls, the network congestion of the Ethereum network has made trading almost impossible for retail investors due to never seen before high transaction fees, eating deep into micro profits of day traders and investors generally.

Solution — KICKPAD on Binance Smart Chain (BSC)

KickPad’s goal is to minimize rug pull, maximize security and primarily create a better DeFi experience for everyone.

· KICKPAD automates liquidity adding and locking process from a presale onto PancakeSwap

· KICKPAD ensures project owners cannot run away with funds raised by locking the Liquidity Pool (LP ) tokens through Smart Contract Function.

KickPad Process Flow

Sales Eligibility Requirements:

There are two categories of sales that will be available on the KickPad platform, First is the Private Rounds IDO a more exclusive group, and second is the Public Rounds IDO, a less exclusive group. To participate in the Private Rounds user will have to STAKE “X” amount of KICK tokens for 7 days prior to the sale, the staked tokens give Pool Weight Score which determines how much allocation a particular user receives. To participate in the Public Rounds user only need to HOLD “X” amount of KICK tokens to get guaranteed allocation, users earn Pool Weight Score based on the amount of KICK tokens held at the time of sale.

As things stand currently, the Binance Smart Chain is an improvement on the Ethereum Network due to high transaction speed and super low transaction fees. The combination of these two platforms, give hope to investors that some level of guarantee is provided that they will not lose their hard earned money to Rug Pulls.

For more information, and to register for whitelist to participate in KICKPAD token sale. please see the links below:

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